1. IP PBX VoIP 商業電話系統
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 Cisco UC 電話系統  
適用於小型企業的 Cisco Unified Communications 500 系列將語音、數據、視訊、安全及其他多種功能整合在一個易於管理的解決方案中。
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 Cisco Business Edition 3000  
Communications platform designed for growing small to medium-sized businesses with smaller IT staffs. Use with Cisco gateway solutions to save on SIP trunking and leverage analog investments.
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 PolyCom Lync 網絡商業電話  
Polycom VVX 系列由一系列商務多媒體電話組成,為繁忙的專業人員提供高質量的音頻和視頻通信體驗。它們可以迅速集成到廣泛的統一通信環境。
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 Avaya IP Office 500  
The IP Office is Avaya’s primary product line for small to medium-sized businesses. It is a hybrid PBX that is legacy digital technology at the core, but adds on VoIP and SIP support. The Server Edition is Avaya’s newest addition to the product line, and is delivered on an HP server.
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 Avaya IP Phone  
Avaya provides a complete portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints. We offer devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, and across campuses. We support in-office, mobile, remote, and video users. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to start a conversation about the right phones for your business communications.
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